Apr 27, 2010

eating some lentil soup

Marc made Athelie some yummy lentil soup - she really liked it.

8 Months

wild hair

She pulled her self up, underneath the table, by holding on to the wall.

crawled under the desk playing in the trash can

Now that she is crawling...she is getting into trouble. ;-)

healthy chubby baby = cutie

Love that profile!

Athelie Loves Cherios

I think she should be the poster child for cherios. Seriously. They make her happy.

Athelie's First Mango

like father like daughter...

Apr 23, 2010

Crawling Action

**update: for those of you who tried watching the videos and weren't able to view the first one - I think I fixed the problem. Hope it works now!

Within the last 10 days Athelie has started to crawl! This first video was taken April 13th - you can see she was really trying to move around, but was still spending most of her time on her belly.

Now, she can crawl! It is so cute to watch her little legs move. This video is not very exciting and a little bit long, but at least you can see her crawl!

Apr 22, 2010


Cory Morgan wins the prize for writing the first comment (it only took 8 months!) on a picture (several actually - way to go Cory) at the shutterfly website. Don't let 8 more months go by without commenting on the Benjamin Fam Blog. Congratulations Cory - you win the prize!

Apr 21, 2010

Other Bloggers

If you'd like to be added to our blogroll send me the link to your family's website and I'll add it on. ~ Thanks!

Monthly Birthday's

Every month, on the 22nd, I have been taking a picture of Athelie wearing the same thing, with the same bow in her hair, in the same position. I got this idea from another blogger and thought it was a great way to document my baby's growth. I haven't been able to show off this series of pictures until now...hope you enjoy.
**I updated this picture with her 8 month birthday picture today. I guess I should have waited 1 more day to post it. ;-)


I decided to start a family blog so that we can share our stories, pictures, and videos with friends and family. This blog will slowly take the place of the shutterfly website that I am currently using. I thought about moving all the pictures and stuff I have on that website to here, but I think that would be too complicated - so it will stay there for now. I will leave that website up indefinitely though, so you can go back to it as often as you'd like. The website once again is http://athelie.shutterfly.com/.

Here, you can comment on each post, hopefully conversations will start and it will be more interactive for everyone who views it. If you are interested in printing pictures from this website, you will just have to right click the picture and save it to your hard drive (hopefully that works). If you would like to subscribe to this blog and receive updates in your e-mail whenever there is a new post and/or read comments, please click on the "subscribe" button to the left. Hopefully, it will be easier and more user friendly than shutterfly. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy!