Apr 23, 2010

Crawling Action

**update: for those of you who tried watching the videos and weren't able to view the first one - I think I fixed the problem. Hope it works now!

Within the last 10 days Athelie has started to crawl! This first video was taken April 13th - you can see she was really trying to move around, but was still spending most of her time on her belly.

Now, she can crawl! It is so cute to watch her little legs move. This video is not very exciting and a little bit long, but at least you can see her crawl!


  1. Hi Alysia,

    I do like this better than Shutterfly, but your YouTube videos are set to private and I get a message that says I need to accept your friend request before being able to view. So... help a brother out so I can watch my little neice crawl around.

  2. Adorable! What a joy it is to watch them make these first discoveries! She's gorgeous!