Jun 27, 2010

10 Months Old

Athelie turned 10 months this past week. Wow! She is getting so big. Everyday we get to see more of her personality and it is so cute. She is such a happy baby and such a joy.

Jun 23, 2010

My New Favorites

So, it's the end of Athelie's 9th month. We spent the majority of this month traveling. Athelie and I went to Albuquerque, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Poor Daddy missed her so much! She got two new teeth this month. One more on top and one more on the bottom. Plus, she started waving. It is really cute. She recognizes the word bye and "let's go" and starts to wave even if no one is around! She is a fast crawler and is able to stand up on her own without holding on for about 10 seconds before getting tired and sitting down again. She loves to eat. She especially loves to feed herself. I think she likes to eat most anything. But sweet potatoe fries are at the top of her list. She sucks them down. Literally.

Here's a few last pics from this month.

Fun times in CO

Pool Baby - She loves the water.

Playing with Aunt Cory

Notice Harper waiting for Athelie to share some food with him.

Cool Flowers

Me and Emmy

Nighty Night with Kayley

Athelie's new friends

She loves them...

Big ones

and little ones

Fun times with the grandparents in ABQ

Mimi and Pappy Time

Papa and Nana Time

Jun 12, 2010

Fun day at the Botanical Gardens and Aquarium

The Butterfly Pavilion - it was so amazing to have 100's of beautiful butterfly's, all shapes and sizes, flying all around us. Athelie really enjoyed it too.

At the Aquarium - Athelie really enjoyed seeing all the fish up close.

Jun 11, 2010

It's a dancing baby!

She dances now. She got it from her Daddy.

Check out these curls

Fun in OK

It was so nice to see the extended family in Oklahona over the weekend. My mom and I drove to Oklahoma from Albuquerque for a long weekend. Athelie got to meet her Great Grandma Mama Belle. She had lots of fun playing with her Mama Belle and all her cousins, aunts, and uncle. It was a fun trip. Here's some highlights.