Jun 23, 2010

My New Favorites

So, it's the end of Athelie's 9th month. We spent the majority of this month traveling. Athelie and I went to Albuquerque, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Poor Daddy missed her so much! She got two new teeth this month. One more on top and one more on the bottom. Plus, she started waving. It is really cute. She recognizes the word bye and "let's go" and starts to wave even if no one is around! She is a fast crawler and is able to stand up on her own without holding on for about 10 seconds before getting tired and sitting down again. She loves to eat. She especially loves to feed herself. I think she likes to eat most anything. But sweet potatoe fries are at the top of her list. She sucks them down. Literally.

Here's a few last pics from this month.

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