Jul 30, 2010

She climbed in...

to the dishwasher last night when I was washing dishes. Of course she is not supposed to do this. But before making her get down, I snapped a couple of pictures. So cute!

Shoe Fetish

I think Athelie might love shoes. She will open the drawer where I keep her shoes and pull out one shoe and bring it to me for me to put on her. Sometimes she'll even end up walking around with just the one shoe on. However, she loves to play with her shoes and they are ending up all over the house. Here's a collection of shoes she had gotten out and played with the other day.

Jul 22, 2010



10 Months Recap

Athelie started her tenth month by letting go of the furniture around her and standing on her own. Then she started taking a step here and there. By bribing her with her bottle, I got her to take more and more steps until she was walking! She really caught on quick and within just a couple of weeks she's been walking every where. She's so cute to watch too! Her little legs get going so fast her feet can't keep up and sometimes she falls. She's so good about getting right back up though. She also got another tooth in. She got her first ponytail on. And she's been eating everything. Fish. Homemade pizza. Lots of bananas. Crackers. Pepper jack cheese.

Why so serious Athelie?

She's got her gold shoes on.

Pretty polka dots. Pretty smile.

Jul 8, 2010

She's walking!

She's been taking a few steps here and there the past few days. But today she walked the most so far, so I was able to get a couple of videos of her taking her first few steps.

Jul 5, 2010

pretty in blue

baby girl is standing up all by herself now

with the sun shining on her hair - you can really see the cinnamon color of her hair

daddy time

She got him! The nose the is.

singing and funny sounds

This video is not the greatest, especially because I was trying to play the piano and record Athelie "singing" at the same time. She had been doing this awhile before I ran to get my camera and start recording her, so this is kind of the tailend of her singing. Plus as always, she gets distracted by the camera.

funny hair

Plus - look at all those teeth!


this smile

piano baby

Athelie loves playing the piano. I've been sitting at the piano playing with her on my lap since she was born. And now, she likes to stand up on the bench and "play" on her own.