Aug 14, 2010


Baby #2! He or she is on the way and will be arriving on or around February 26! We are so excited! We found out we were pregnant the week after I got home from mine and Athelie's whirlwind trip to NM/OK/CO, which was the end of June. So far, this pregnancy has been a little tougher than the 1st. I've been much more tired and even had a little morning sickness which I did not have with Athelie and my taste buds have been way way off. Nothing tastes good. :(  I've had to slow down and take more naps, however, now that I'm am past the 1st trimester I feel a little bit more normal. I am 12 weeks pregnant now and already have a little baby belly poking out. Good thing it waited to pop out the day after we told Marc's family. Since we had planned a trip to see them, we waited to tell them in person. It was definitely worth the wait. Here's their reaction:

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