Aug 14, 2010

Athelie's first time at the beach

***Updated! Recently, Emmy posted some really cute pictures on Facebook from our trip to the beach. I thought I would update this post with some of those pics. Hope you enjoy the additional photos.

I was trying to hold the umbrella! It kept flying away before we could get in it the ground.

We went to Siesta Key one day while we were in Florida with Lunise and Emmy Morgan met up with us. We had so much fun. It was a perfect day. The beach was amazing with powdery white sand, which Athelie loved playing in and even tried to eat. She loved the water and splashed in the waves even sticking her face in the water to taste it.

Notice all the sand around her mouth.

She fell asleep in Emmy's arms. She was so tired after playing so hard.

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  1. I love your family. I'm on your blog because my real name is Emmy Morgan. Everyone in San Diego knows me as Suzy. But I have a google alert on my real name and here you all are. A beautiful family with one cute kid and another popping. I am way past my popping days, but I have 3 adult/kids.

    My love to all of you and your burgeoning family!