Oct 21, 2010

Running Wild

at the grocery store. This was the first time I let her get down and walk around the grocery store. She loved it! She was so excited!

(Sorry for the weird camera angle). I should have kept the video going but didn't want to be annoying to other customers in the store. She was being so funny - Marc and I were cracking up.

There were pumpkins in front of the grocery store, so I took a picture of her there, since I figured it might be as close to a pumpkin patch as we get this year.

She heard an airplane flying overhead - that's what she's pointing at.

Zoo Trip

Athelie and I took our first trip to the Greenville Zoo. It is super small, but still cute. She really enjoyed it. Especially the elephants and giraffes. I love seeing the world through her eyes. Everything is so fascinating.

There I am - standing in front of one of those crazy mirrors.

Fall Day

Last weekend we went to a picnic in the mountains. It was a perfect fall day and Athelie really enjoyed being outside in the mountains and playing in all the leaves. It was her first time in the mountains. She stayed busy exploring the area and checking things out. She was a little stinker too, because she wouldn't even look at me to take one picture. She was too busy...but they are still cute...

P.S. She looks like she is dressed for a fun spring day instead of a fall day. Oh well.

Daddy Date Downtown

Marc and Athelie went to Fall for Greenville, which is a big end of the summer food festival with lots of vendors, cooking shows, and concerts. They had lots of fun together...


Playing with a balloon
Feeding the ducks

Running Around

Petting parrots

The end

Oct 11, 2010

Jabbering Athelie

She talks all the time and tells us stories, I just wish I knew what she was saying. It is so cute! I love it.

Enjoying a pretty fall day

20 weeks pregnant - the belly bump

chasing a grasshopper

Fun day at the International Festival

19 Weeks Pregnant - Here's my belly bump
notice the 5 month prego belly

Mimi time in Charleston

Making messes in Charleston

Athelie enjoyed staying in a hotel. She got to make all kinds of messes and I didn't have to clean them up. Well, I did actually clean up all the tissues she got out. You can see she was having fun in the video.

Some Mama time in Charleston

19 weeks pregnant - can't really tell

Charleston - Farm Animals

Charleston is one of my favorite cities to visit. I love all the old churches and homes and cobblestone streets. We took a tour on a horse drawn carriage through the streets and got to hear more about its history. It was really interesting although it rained. While waiting for our carriage to arrive Athelie got to pet some farm animals - mules, goats - and she got to see some chickens - they wouldn't let her get too close though.

The big red barn.

Inside the barn they had these pretty white lanterns hanging.

Pretty mule.

Pretty white goat.

Athelie's first trip to the beauty salon

When my mom was in town, we went to Charleston for a couple of days. On our way into town we stopped at an outlet mall to get out and walk around. While Athelie ran around, my mom went into a beauty supply store to pick up some products for Taylee's hair. (She thought it needed a lot of help! So she was looking for anything that would help make it look better.) While she was in the store, this lady came out and said, "Oh girl, we can't have that going on, we've got to fix that hair." So, she grabbed Athelie up and took her in the store (with me right behind her). She sat her down on one of those booster seats and Athelie got her hair done.

The lady combed it all out first. And it was a fro!

Then she braided it.

And she actually sat still! She never does that for me.

Here's the view from the top.

Oct 10, 2010

We're having a girl!

Yay! We got to see our beautiful baby girl a week ago Friday (I'm a little late posting). It was so much fun finding out we are having another girl. She is healthy and developing right on schedule.

Already, she looks so different than Athelie did in utero. They have different profiles. I can't wait to meet her...20 more weeks! Half way there!