Oct 11, 2010

Athelie's first trip to the beauty salon

When my mom was in town, we went to Charleston for a couple of days. On our way into town we stopped at an outlet mall to get out and walk around. While Athelie ran around, my mom went into a beauty supply store to pick up some products for Taylee's hair. (She thought it needed a lot of help! So she was looking for anything that would help make it look better.) While she was in the store, this lady came out and said, "Oh girl, we can't have that going on, we've got to fix that hair." So, she grabbed Athelie up and took her in the store (with me right behind her). She sat her down on one of those booster seats and Athelie got her hair done.

The lady combed it all out first. And it was a fro!

Then she braided it.

And she actually sat still! She never does that for me.

Here's the view from the top.

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