Nov 27, 2010

Thanksgiving '10

We spent Thanksgiving this year here in Greenville. Some friends from church invited us over to eat a fantastic Thanksgiving meal with them. We had such a good time. Athelie played with their little girl who is only a couple months older them her.

Corrie and Macy with me and Athelie

7 months pregnant...doesn't really look like it, huh?

Macy & Athelie played together.

Nov 25, 2010

Playing with Daddy

Having fun all dressed up in her super cute frilly ruffle dress.

Nov 24, 2010

First Word

Athelie was playing outside one day with a couple of tennis balls. All of a sudden she started staying "ball." So, I quickly pulled out the camera and starting shooting this video.

New Drawing

I haven't been inspired to draw or paint in months and months. However, I did do this charcoal drawing recently. It is of a vision I had one day sitting in church of God holding Greenville in the palm of his hands. If you know Greenville, then you will recognize these downtown landmarks: Liberty Bridge, Westin Hotel, and the Clock.

Decorating the girls room

I've been super excited to decorate a new room in the house. We decided to have the girls share a room. So that means Athelie will be moving from her super cute room to a new room, which obviously needs to also be super cute. We've started moving furniture around and painting. I thought I would share a couple of pictures that I've used as inspiration. I'll be sure to update you with pictures of the room once it's completed.

My color palette is purple, coral/melon, orange, and a little bit of pink.

**House Update

I bought this credenza at a consignment store for $200. It was painted this weird goldish grey color. When I got it home and put it in its place, it really didn't look great. So...I painted it. Now...I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think? Plus, I updated the hardware with some new modern rectangle pulls.

My new haircut and color

Plus, I was hoping to show off my belly bump (27 weeks), but it's kind of hard to see it.

Daddy Time at the Park

She didn't get her hair done this day - obviously!

Little Gardener

 I think I am going to have to get Athelie a sandbox. She loves digging in the dirt.

Nov 23, 2010

Photo Shoot 2

Also, just for fun. I took all these in our front yard.

Photo Shoot

Just for fun.

Athelie is 15 Months!

And I am 27 weeks pregnant! 92 more days to go. Whew! Can't wait! I've been a major slacker this past month. I totally missed blogging about her whole 14th month. It was plenty exciting. And I have lots of stuff to share. We were just having some technical difficulties (our computer burned up) which made it a little hard to blog. Now, we have a super fast laptop that I am really excited about. So, I can catch you all up.

This past month Athelie's personality has really become apparent. She is quite independent. She likes to feed herself. She likes to use utensils, spoons/forks, especially the "real" kind, i.e. silver and not the plastic kids spoons. She tries really hard to feed herself with the utensils but sometimes breaks down and resorts to using her hands. She loves watching Baby Einstein and Signing Time. (I highly recommend Singing Time). She has started signing a lot too, which is really exciting. She signs: milk, sleep, daddy, water, bird, more, please, thank you. She said her first word...BALL. Hahah - I took a video of it, so I'll post it here shortly and you can watch her and hear her. She loves being outside. Playing, picking berries, digging in the dirt. Playing with Daddy. Reading books. Overall, she is quite fun. I am enjoying her immensely.

Updated Beach Post

I added some additional pictures to the post of our beach trip this past summer. Check it out here. There are some really cute pics thanks to Emmy.