Nov 23, 2010

Athelie is 15 Months!

And I am 27 weeks pregnant! 92 more days to go. Whew! Can't wait! I've been a major slacker this past month. I totally missed blogging about her whole 14th month. It was plenty exciting. And I have lots of stuff to share. We were just having some technical difficulties (our computer burned up) which made it a little hard to blog. Now, we have a super fast laptop that I am really excited about. So, I can catch you all up.

This past month Athelie's personality has really become apparent. She is quite independent. She likes to feed herself. She likes to use utensils, spoons/forks, especially the "real" kind, i.e. silver and not the plastic kids spoons. She tries really hard to feed herself with the utensils but sometimes breaks down and resorts to using her hands. She loves watching Baby Einstein and Signing Time. (I highly recommend Singing Time). She has started signing a lot too, which is really exciting. She signs: milk, sleep, daddy, water, bird, more, please, thank you. She said her first word...BALL. Hahah - I took a video of it, so I'll post it here shortly and you can watch her and hear her. She loves being outside. Playing, picking berries, digging in the dirt. Playing with Daddy. Reading books. Overall, she is quite fun. I am enjoying her immensely.

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