Dec 27, 2010

Athelie's Burn Update - Day 10

We went back to the burn clinic in Augusta, GA today for Taylee's one week follow up visit. That was a busy place. But very proficient and professional. Everyone there was extremely helpful. Athelie was examined by the same doctor who saw her last Friday when we first arrived. Right away he said her face looked good and was healing and that everything else looked really good with the exception of her shoulder. I think the burn on the front of her shoulder is the size of a silver dollar. He said that it had not healed yet and consequently, we will be going back next week at 8:00 in the morning for another appointment. Athelie won't be able to eat or drink anything beforehand as they will do a skin graft if it still has not healed by then. The doctor said that they always try to give the body as much time to heal before resorting to a skin graft, thus the two weeks between the initial burn and surgery. If she does have that surgery, they will take skin from her thigh on the same side as her burns. It will be the equivalent of having 2nd degree burns on her leg where they remove the skin which will take another 2 weeks to heal. Obviously, we are praying that her shoulder will heal this week and that she will not need another surgery.

Although the news of another possible surgery is a little disheartening, we can't help but rejoice with the rest of the report. When we go back next week they will teach us how to care for her skin as it continues to heal to prevent scarring. The key will be to keep her protected as much as possible from the sun. That means lots of sunscreen (how much fun is it to put sunscreen on a one and a half year old???) and lots of hats (which she won't keep on). I can't help but laugh at the thought of the battles ahead (battles that I will certainly win, muahaha...).

Thank you once again for all the prayers and support so many of you have shown our family during this time. We have been beyond blessed with the outpouring of love. We enjoyed so many delicious meals last week and felt overwhelmed by the generosity of our extended family here in Greenville. Thank you again for carrying us through this time.

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