Dec 20, 2010

Day 4

We’re home! That’s our biggest news for today. We were released today around noon and arrived in Greenville around 3:30 this afternoon. It feels good to be home. Athelie was happy to be home as well. Her appetite improved slightly, and drank a little more.

Last night, we all had a good night and caught up on some much needed sleep. Athelie woke up at 5 when the nurse checked her vitals and was unable to go back to sleep. After an hour, we decided to go turn on the lights and start our day. Athelie watched a couple of movies before getting tired again and all three of us snuggled and slept for another hour. She was herself the rest of the morning, playing with everything in sight.

Athelie has been pain free since Saturday. Her swollen left eye that was shut after surgery began to open just a little today. Before going home the doctors instructed us to keep her indoors all week to protect against possible germs and infections. (So, no Christmas Eve service or church for us. We were a little sad about that.) We have an appointment to go back next Monday morning to remove her bandages and assess her progress. Until then, we will monitor her closely at home. We are armed with medicine and instructions for removing the artificial skin off her face. Overall, we feel prepared to care for her at home. The most challenging part will be to keep this bubble of energy still and make sure her “Band-Aids” are well protected.

Ways to keep praying:

• Continued prayer for her left eye that no damage has occurred and will heal quickly

• Her skin would not become infected – as she is still fighting a cold and has a runny nose

• She would not rub her bandages or the skin on her face (we taped mittens to her hands tonight to keep her from doing this in her sleep)

• No scarring

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  1. Hey guys! My son Wells is in Athelie's class at Taylors. We will be praying for you all! So sorry to hear this but so glad that Athelie is healing well. I hope you al have a merry Christmas!
    Mary Lanier Stepp