Dec 19, 2010

Trauma in the Benjamin House - Day 3

We are well into the third day since Athelie suffered her burns. We all had a better night sleep last night. Athelie fell asleep closer to her normal time (7 pm) and slept until 6:30 this morning. Right before going to bed she drank a little bit of milk and had some cheese, which was very encouraging.

We woke up this morning thinking that we would be going home today. The pediatrician examined her this morning and thought that it would be better to keep her here another night. She hasn’t been taking in a lot of fluid, besides the IV and they wanted to make sure that she’s taking plenty on her own before releasing her. She’s out of the IV and her liquid intake will be closely monitored. So we wait another day… Overall Athelie had a better day today. She’s been more active, playful, talkative (as talkative a 15 month old can be), and in overall better spirit. She watched a few of her Signing Times videos and was introduced to Veggie Tales today. At the conclusion of today, we can say that she’s passed those fluid tests (not to be confused with fluid dynamics… that will be in 18 years). She drank a little less than 1.5 pints of milk, some juice, water, and even snacked on some baked potato chips while watching Signing Time for the third time. So we believe we’ll get to go home tomorrow.

Alysia and I have been doing well. We continued to receive encouraging emails, texts, and phone calls from friends and family. We’ve even had a good southern breakfast brought to us by a family acquaintance. The nurses here have been top notched! Very responsive to our needs and answering every question we’ve had.

A friend from church shared with us this line from a song that was sung this morning during worship: “You make beautiful things out of the dust… you make me new.” She felt like our church body was singing that over Athelie. We received that truth not only for Athelie’s physical body but also for the new person she will become once she starts to intimately know and walk with Father.

We’ve enjoyed seeing her progress in the past few hours and learning about her sleeping habits. It’s the first time that we’ve slept in the same room with her since she was 3 days old. She’s a borderline snorer (Alysia calls her a “heavy breather”), wiggles a lot, wakes up and goes back to sleep throughout the night. That’s ok because she’s the “best patient I’ve seen in my 13 years of nursing.” (that was a quote from Kim, responding to Athelie cooperativeness after taking her vitals. We knew she is special, now we know that a patient like her comes around every 4749 days.

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  1. Hey guys now that I have the dirt I will so be praying for you and Athelie! Just reading the news make me cringe! Poor thing!! And you two must be so stressed! We will pray that the Peace of God that surpasses all understanding will cover you during this time! We love you and will keep you in our prayers!
    Justin and erin McDonald