Dec 22, 2010

Family Update

Athelie is 16 months old today.
(These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't had a chance to post them yet.) I love the two bows in her hair. She looks very girly. Plus, check out her cute scarf she was sporting...also very cute. :)

The past couple of days at home have been good. Athelie has left her bandges and second skin alone (for the most part). Although it doesn't look very good, I have seen improvement each day so far. She has had lots of energy. We've kept her busy reading books, watching movies, and playing on the computer. (She loves For me, this week can't go by fast enough. I am anxious to go back to the doctor on Monday, to get their diagnosis and learn her prognosis (whether she will need more surgery or not.)

We've been counting our blessings everyday and continue to feel loved, cared for, prayed for, and lifted up during this time by so many.

I'm very thankful to have this blog in place. It has been a great resource for so many people to hear our story over the past 6 days and know how to pray for us. I added a couple of buttons on the sidebar in hopes that it would make it easier for people to follow our blog. You can either subscribe and receive an e-mail everytime we post something, or you can follow our blog and I think it does the same thing...not quite sure though. Plus...I've received comments (it is a first) which has been very exciting!

Today, I am also 31 weeks pregnant. I am feeling good. Last Thursday we got to see our baby girl through a routine ultrasound at my doctor's appointment. Here's a couple of pictures of her. They are a little hard to make out, but you can see her face looking straight out.

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  1. We are so glad that things are going well at home. We will continue to pray for you guys.