Dec 31, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday we took a little day trip to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. It was super crowded but we had lots of fun.

Notice all the hair bows in her hair?

yellow fish

sawtooth shark

huge whale shark in the background

Taylee signing fish

Afterwards - in the car on the way home. Sleeping. Her hand on her face. So sweet.

Dec 29, 2011

Rainy Winter Days

Last week it rained so much, Athélie thought she should wear her bathing suit over her clothes.

And geese flew right over our house.

Dec 25, 2011

Making Sugar Cookies with Taylee

Have you ever seen a smile that big?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

opening gifts Christmas morning

Dec 23, 2011

Singing Happy Birthday

Athélie has been watching Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy  a lot lately. And since its almost Jesus' birthday she decided that singing Happy Birthday while playing the drums was a good idea.

Dec 22, 2011

Daddy's Song

Marc sings this song to the girls every night. Taylee has started singing it with him. Sweetness. The last Jason Upton concert we went to was the night we got engaged. He played this song that night and Marc has remembered it all these years. We just found the video and started listening to the live version the last few days. Here it is:

Dec 18, 2011

Happy 10 Month Birthday Anastasiya

She's such a big girl now.

Look at that belly!

She's walking all over the place now! She's already a pro. She also learned how to go up the stairs all by herself. She loves the book Good Night Moon - she plays with it constantly, and when I read it she always pays lots of attention. She is scared of wash machines and leery of loud noises like the vacuum cleaner, my hair dryer, and that annoying popper toy. She LOVES her milk. And toothbrushes. And paper. She is constantly putting it in her mouth. I love how excited she gets. And how she wants to see and do what her big sister is doing. The girls are having lots of fun with each other these days.

Here's a couple of videos:

Dec 14, 2011

Under the Christmas Tree

No not presents. Instead, it's a little girl.

Dec 13, 2011


Stasiya thinks she's a big girl when she gets to sit at the table with her sister.

Dec 12, 2011

Lolly Girl

How many lolly's do you see?
Yep - that would be three. She's a lolly girl.

Dec 11, 2011

Christmas Time

Last weekend we had a fun-filled Christmas weekend, first decorating our house for Christmas and then going to the Christmas Parade downtown. The girls had lots of fun. Athélie has had fun counting down to Jesus' birthday by opening a Trader Joe's chocolate box every day. "We're going to have a birthday party for Jesus" - that's what we've been talking about around our house. Athélie has asked to have cupcakes at this it looks like I'll be making some of those.

Athelie worked really hard to get the ornaments on the tree.

And Anastasiya took them off as they went on. - Ha!

Here's a few pics of the house:
I finallly found stockings similar to one's I had bought Marc and I the first year we were married. I had been looking for cable knit sweater stockings for the past 3 years and hadn't been able to find any!! (very frustrating) And then I found some at Target this year - and score they had different colors! So now we each have a different colored stocking and Athélie assigned us our stockings. I asked whose was whose and she said (from left to right) "Athélie's, Mama's, Stasiya's, Daddy's".

Remember when Marc took Athélie to the parade last year? Here's a few pics from the parade, it was at night and my camera doesn't take very good pictures in the dark so these aren't the greatest.

Stasiya wanted to go right out into the parade - it was hard holding her back.

A lady gave Athelie a balloon - it made her day.