Jan 24, 2011

Athelie's Burn Update - Day 39

Over the weekend we drove back to Augusta for the 6th time since December 17th for another check up. This was a fairly quick trip. Athelie got her bandages off. Her leg where they had done the skin graft had healed although it was quite pink. Her shoulder where she had 3rd degree burns looked good. The spot in the crease of her arm (which we had been worried about last week) had healed and looked good. The doctor who did her surgery New Year's Day (he is also the head of the whole burn hospital) checked her out. He sent us home with antibiotic ointment for her shoulder and instructions to put it on once a day this week as well as change out her bandage on her arm each day. Her leg no longer needs any bandages although the skin is so new and thin and is susceptible to blistering if it were to get hit. So, we still have to be very careful with that area. However, the biggest news was...Athelie could take a bath! She hadn't had a bath since her accident. I think it might have been more exciting for Marc and I to give her a bath and wash her hair, I'm not sure if she really enjoyed it all that much.

Sunday morning, we dropped her off in her classroom at church for the first time since her accident. She had a hard time being left. She knew as she walked in, we would be leaving, and started crying right away. For some kids, this is normal, but for Athelie, she has always enjoyed her time at church and so it was a different reaction for her. It was a little heartbreaking for all of us.

This week will hopefully be back to normal. Athelie and I will try to go to the gym in the mornings. Thursdays, we've started going to a bible study at our church. During that time, she gets to play with friends and is well taken care of. It will be nice to have a few weeks of "normalcy" before our baby girl arrives. (4 more weeks!)

We'll be going back to Augusta again on Friday so that Athelie can be fitted in a compression shirt by a physical therapist. She will have to wear this shirt for 6 months to a year. This shirt will help prevent scarring and her skin raising (think - keloid scars), especially around the skin graft area, which is more susceptible to this happening.

And of course there is lotion - applying it every 2 hours or 6 times a day or as often as possible, which most times is not that often. However, we are trying. And hats. Except for Athelie seems to have a pretty big head. Maybe it is all the hair. I am now constantly on the look out for sun hats. Preferably sized 2T - 3T. I know this is redundant as I've already talked about it in prior blog posts. But that is our life now.

Anyways, I didn't want to show pictures of her right after her accident as it was a little shocking. But we are just 39 days out and are so encouraged by the improvement. I thought I would show you a little before and now.

In the hospital right after her surgery

First day back at home after her accident.

Her neck, chest, shoulder and leg all look at varying degrees like a burn. I don't think I am quite ready to show those areas yet. Her face though, thankfully, looks so good, you can hardly even tell. 

Also, Athelie turned 17 months old over the weekend. Woohoo! She is getting so big. All her 12 month pants are too short on her. The 18 month clothes I have for her won't last too much longer. Good thing there is a big consignment sale coming up soon, I can stock up on 24 month/2T clothes for her for the spring and summer. Can't believe she will already be wearing 2T clothes! How did that happen? And shoes. Shoes are tricky. Besides Robeez, the soft leather sole shoes, she doesn't really keep any shoes on her feet.

Although her 16th month was mostly consumed by her accident and recovery, I want to also try to remember that it was the month she started talking. She is saying so many words now, I can hardly even remember all of them.


  1. I have tears of joy for the Lord's mercy, grace and His Healing Hand. mimi

  2. Yea! Praise the Lord for His mighty, sovereign hand!