Jan 10, 2011

Athelie's so fun...here's what she's been up to lately

In the midst of Athelie's injury I wanted to point out how much fun she is. For close to 3 months the only word she said was "ball" now within the past couple of weeks she has started saying: wa-wa (water), na-na (banana), pup (dog or puppy), Mimi (Alysia's mom- which sometimes turns into lots of mimi's - "mimi-mimi-mi"), Da-da (Daddy), sometimes she will say Mama but not often, Bible, purple, cheese, sock, shoe, eye and nose, more (which all sound pretty close to the actual word). Plus she is saying some words in French like "oreille" for ear, "nez" for nose, "pp" for "pier" foot. It is quite confusing sometimes to know what she is saying! And she signs a lot. Dada is always said with the sign for daddy. Mama said with the sign for Mom. Water said with the sign for water, etc.

She is a little monkey too - climbing up and down the stairs and onto my (nursing) chair in her room. It is hard to keep her still for any amount of time.

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