Jan 18, 2011

Fun with Mimi

After Athelie's accident my mom booked a flight so that she could come out and see us. She was able to stay for 10 days. She was such a help and Taylee had SO much fun with her.

She got her hair done. We washed it in the sink since she hasn't been able to take a bath. And we gave her pigtails. So cute!

playing Peek-a-boo with Mimi

Athelie couldn't say Mimi enough - she just ran all of her "Mimi's" together

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  1. I am so thankful that God is taking such great care of the whole family! I miss you girl and I am so happy to see you guys are doing great. This video was adorable and I watched it a couple times...so cute. You look beautiful as ever and wow another one and soooo soon! What a busy last year you guys have had. Love you very much.