Jan 10, 2011

Yesterday Athelie moved into her big girl room!

Yay! The room she will share with her baby sister. She even helped. She put a bunch of her teddy bears on her stool and started pushing them up and down the hall. The room is not quite done - I still need some rugs, artwork on the walls, bookshelves, and curtains. I've been working on the room in the midst of Athelie's injury. It's been a good distraction. I had already designed the girls room, so all we've had to do the last few weeks is put it together. But I'm so excited with how it turned out I wanted to share a few pictures.

We stenciled butterflies on the ceiling flying every which way.

Athelie's big girl bed. It was an antique wooden bed that I found on Craigslist. I sanded, primed, and painted it. It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out cute. The door behind her bed leads to our attic. I want to conceal it. I am thinking about painting a large canvas and putting it in front of the door to hide it. Anyone else have any ideas?

This was my baby bed I had when I was a little girl that my Dad made for me. I just put it in her room and right away she was throwing off her baby dolls and stuffed animals and climbing up on her bed. (This is another door to the attic that I somehow need to conceal behind the bed.)

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  1. Hey I have an idea for the doors. You could first paint the doors the same color as the walls, then do the butterflies on the door going every which way like the ones on the ceiling. I hope that helps! Bye!