Mar 26, 2011

Little Chef

Stasiya's many faces

Loved this outfit on her! This was a fun photoshoot.

Mar 23, 2011

Happy 19 month birthday Athélie

Yesterday she turned 19 months old! She is such a big girl now, doing so many things on her own. She is FULL of energy - she is even starting to wake up earlier - 6:30 a.m. (we might need to push her bed time back a bit so she stays in bed longer). She is repeating lots of words, and jabbering more. It is so cute to hear her talk and yet make no sense whatsoever. She just makes lots of different sounds. She is starting to pretend more - she has a stuffed animal pig and a teddy bear that kiss each other - a lot. She is also playing with her baby doll more - pushing it in the stroller, patting its back, and holding it over her shoulder. Plus, she is starting to have an opinion about which shoes she wears. The other day she did not approve of the shoes I picked out for her, so she picked out a different pair. Love it! She is so much fun.
Red Sweater Day
Eating a whole pear all by herself

Look at all those curls!

pouffy pig tails

Marc and I are so thankful for Athélie, she is such a blessing to us and brings so much joy to our lives. We are especially thankful for the healing we see in her skin since her burns in December. It has been 3 months now. We are still doing lotion multiple times a day - Athélie does not enjoy this activity and sometimes I feel like I am wresting an alligator to get her to be still long enough to do lotion. Plus, we have to massage her skin graft areas on her shoulder as the scars have thickened. The more we massage - the better chance the thick scars have of loosening up and smoothing out. Plus, she wears a very tight compression shirt and has a gel pad that we place on her shoulder to put more pressure on the skin to further prevent scarring. As the days are getting warmer, we want to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. However, it is hard to relax in the sun even with SPF 70 on and a hat on and not worry that the sun could be damaging the senstivie new skin on Athélie's body. All in all it is a lot. Especially with a new baby. Our prayer request right now is that the scar where she had the skin graft on her shoulder would decrease in size. At our last follow up visit a couple of weeks ago, the PA said she had seen these scars either increase in size as the child got older or diminish in size. Obviously, it is our hope that it would decrease in size, especially since it is already a large area covering her shoulder. We have 9 more months to go - of lotion, the shirt, the hats, etc. It is already exhausting. I am already tired of it. But my hope is that with all of our efforts it will help Athélie's skin heal with the least amount of scarring and it will all be worth it.

Mar 16, 2011

1 Month Old

Anastasiya is 1 month old today! Whew - we've made it this far! Poor thing has gotten a little beat up by her big sister. I can't leave her alone with Athélie for a second but other than that - we're all adjusting to having a new little 4th member of the family. I plan on taking monthly birthday pictures of her like I did with Athélie - remember those?

Happy 1 Month Birthday Stasiya

Here's a few highlights from her first month. She got lots of snuggle time with Mimi.

I got lots of practice holding both girls at the same time.

It's hard to tell what color of eyes she is going to have, but I think she definitely has some big eyes.

Here's a few of my favorite pics from our newborn photo sessions with Liz. She was great to work with and did such an amazing job. Plus, she even came back and did a second photo shoot because she wanted to get more shots! I'm so thankful for her time and amazing talent and for the pictures she spent countless hours editing for us. I'm so excited to print some of these out to frame and put on our walls.

Our one and only family shot so far.
This is only time Athélie has held her sister! 

I love these of Marc holding her.

We were going to send out a birth announcement - but since we still need a double stroller/jogger we decided to put the money we would spend on printing and postage towards the stroller. Sorry :-( Here it is though...(I thought it turned out cute)

Mar 14, 2011

Outdoor fun

Athélie has been enjoying her new red wagon and pink tricycle. She can't reach the pedals yet, but she likes to be pushed around on it.

Mar 12, 2011

Stasiya 3 weeks old

She's already 3 weeks old and I haven't put any pictures (hardly) of her on the blog. Yikes!


I think it is safe to say - Athélie love her.

Mar 10, 2011

The last 3 weeks...

They've been a bit crazy for us here. I'm way behind on blogging. I blame giving birth and then getting sick for the lack of energy and time to keep up with regular posts. Plus, all the late night feedings...

Anyways, Athélie seems to have adjusted to a little person in the house. She has learned to be gentle with Stasiya and not to be rough with her. Still, sometimes she'll forget or doesn't understand, like this morning, she tried to lay on top of Stasiya, who of course probably felt like she was getting crushed. Poor thing. It will take time. In the meantime, I'm not leaving the girls together unsupervised - that's for sure. But really, Athélie is really loving and sweet, she gives her sister tons of kisses and hugs which is really sweet. And she's even started helping me a little which is good for both of us.
Mimi leaves today. She's been here for almost 3 weeks. Athélie has really enjoyed playing with her and snuggling with her. I think she'll really miss her once she is back home. We will officially be adjusting to life with 2 girls and transitioning to a family of 4. It will be quite challenging I am sure, I am thankful that I am feeling better and recovered before having to deal with the challenges ahead.
Stasiya is 3 weeks old. She is such a good baby. She only fusses if she is too hot or too cold. Plus, she really doesn't like to have her diaper changed. And she seems to be a little sensitive to spicy foods - like the green chili I ate from New Mexico :-(. I'll have to watch what I eat while I'm nursing her. She's already getting a double chin though and putting on weight. It's so fun having a little baby to snuggle with. She is the best!
We got our pictures back from the photographer. I can't wait to print some out to frame for our walls. I plan on working on a new banner for the blog too using some of the new pictures. Here's some of my favorites.

There's more pics from our newborn shoot - I'll share those later.