Mar 16, 2011

1 Month Old

Anastasiya is 1 month old today! Whew - we've made it this far! Poor thing has gotten a little beat up by her big sister. I can't leave her alone with Athélie for a second but other than that - we're all adjusting to having a new little 4th member of the family. I plan on taking monthly birthday pictures of her like I did with Athélie - remember those?

Happy 1 Month Birthday Stasiya

Here's a few highlights from her first month. She got lots of snuggle time with Mimi.

I got lots of practice holding both girls at the same time.

It's hard to tell what color of eyes she is going to have, but I think she definitely has some big eyes.

Here's a few of my favorite pics from our newborn photo sessions with Liz. She was great to work with and did such an amazing job. Plus, she even came back and did a second photo shoot because she wanted to get more shots! I'm so thankful for her time and amazing talent and for the pictures she spent countless hours editing for us. I'm so excited to print some of these out to frame and put on our walls.

Our one and only family shot so far.
This is only time Athélie has held her sister! 

I love these of Marc holding her.

We were going to send out a birth announcement - but since we still need a double stroller/jogger we decided to put the money we would spend on printing and postage towards the stroller. Sorry :-( Here it is though...(I thought it turned out cute)


  1. absolutely beautiful!!!!

    I think you should email this to everyone!!!

    love all of you!!!

  2. the fam picture on the bed...great painting in the background too:) LOVE.