Apr 28, 2011

Stasiya's getting so big!

She is the cutest little thing - ever - I'm so in love! She started rolling over. And she coos and smiles all the time. So fun!

Holding her head up so high

Her favorite sleeping position

Apr 27, 2011

Happy 20 Month Birthday Athélie

Happy 20 Month Birthday!
Athélie had her monthly birthday this past weekend. She is so much fun these days. Talking so much - at home. When she is around others she tends to be more shy and quiet - she is an observer until she gets more comfortable and then she'll start talking again. Some of her new words are, smile and I love you!!!!! So sweet! She's also started getting into coloring. I have to be careful, if I leave a pen out she'll start drawing with it. She also started to sing! She sings a doo doo song. Marc and I both laugh when she sings it - it is so cute. Her little lips purse together and look adorable.
This is the "doo doo" song she sings.
She LOVES Chantal Goya - the French lady who sings this song. Instead of watching a movie or tv show - we watch her singing and dancing. There's a bunny song. And a pup song. And a wolf song. And a "A B C" song. She LOVES them and will tell us which one she she wants to watch. We stream these videos from the 1970's onto our tv. When we are not watching tv she'll want us to sing these songs to her - Marc can do it. Me - no so much. I try and fail - I can get the melody down but only know 1 or 2 words in the whole song. It's quite funny.
This is what she is up to this month.

Apr 26, 2011

Fun filled Easter weekend

We had a very busy Easter weekend. We started out the weekend hosting our annual Good Friday Dinner Party. We've been doing this for the past 5 years. We had 4 couples over. We said no kids so that we could all relax and focus on the other adults around us. Marc spent a lot of time planning the menu. He even took a half day off from work to cook! I thought I would share the menu with you. The only thing I made was the dessert - pavlova. I had made it once before and it is was SO good. All Marc's food was delicious - every body raved about it.

  • Croquettes de Jabon with pea/mint/basil sauce
  • Individual endive salad with avocados, roasted onions, and capers
  • Cheese & cracker plate
Main Course:
  • Orzo pasta with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese
  • Roasted leg of lamb
  • blanched asparagus spears and green bean salad
  • Pavlova with fresh fruit

Great food. Great friends. The night was a big hit. Without a lot of sleep. After a rather sleepless night we went over to a friend's house Saturday morning. They host an annual Easter Egg Hunt and brunch. They went all out on decorations. It was a lot of fun with tons of people. You can see some of her pics on her blog - Life for Dessert. (She also has lots of other good stuff to read on it.)

Here's some pic's of Athélie at her first Easter egg hunt.




she's got her hands full
look at her expression - so funny
Somehow she knew that there was candy in the eggs. She opened them. Unwrapped the chocolate eggs and just started eating them.
Lining up her eggs

Stasiya was hanging out in my sling.


 This is Athélie's friend Macy. She calls her "May May." It's really cute to see them recognize each other and play together. (Remember we went to Macy's 2nd birthday party a couple of weeks ago.)

And here's Stasiya. She was quite happy and content while her sister ran around and found eggs.

Sunday morning we went to church of course and really celebrated what the weekend is all about - the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We love our church and are so blessed to be a part of it. Our friends invited us over for lunch and we enjoyed a delicious meal together.


Corrie & Macy LOVE babies.

The second time around Athelie was a pro at finding eggs.

After the hunt - all the kids were opening their eggs.
 I wanted to cute picture of the girls together with their matching outfits on (thanks Cenee!), but by the end of the day, both of them had gotten their pants dirty. 
too bad Stasiya's diaper was hanging out so much 

Apr 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

My blog is 1 year old! I wasn't sure how successful this blog would be and how many posts I would actually make when starting it, but I hope you all would agree that it is! It is a lot of work. But I've enjoyed it. Did you know there are over 150 posts? I especially love hearing feedback from so many of you who have kept up with us via the blog. It makes it all worth it. I hope that you will continue to follow our family and keep up with the girls as they grow. Who knows - maybe I will start throwing in a few other topics here and there. Recipes. Movie recommendations. Parenting advice. Ha! Who knows. Maybe I am being overly ambitious now but we'll see...


We are very thankful that Athélie has always been a good eater. We've tried to introduce different foods to her from the very beginning. Here's a few of the things she's been eating lately.

French Stew with mussels and clams



Could you guess? CHOCOLATE

She's also been enjoying her little table. She likes to eat her snacks here.

This is her silly smile.

Apr 18, 2011


I want one of these...Athélie really wants one too. She loves bunnies right now. Maybe we will just go look and pet them.

Apr 17, 2011

Happy 2 Month Birthday Stasiya

It is hard to believe she is already two months old, but at the same time, it seems like she has been around much longer. She is so much a part of our family now, I can't imagine life without her in it. She started smiling and cooing this month. It is SO CUTE! I'm so in love. Athélie has been a great big sister to her. She gets so excited when she sees Stasiya and when she's not around she always asks for her. She's kind of started trying to pick up her - that's a little scary - I'm not letting that happen any time soon. Athélie says her name "Shtash" so that's become her nickname around the house.

Her monthly picture - she wasn't too happy.

Stasiya - holding her head up and cooing some, and Athelie saying "smile".


Singing and Dancing

Athélie helping Daddy wash the car

Apr 10, 2011

I attempted to photograph the girls together

but it just didn't work out.


We helped our friends celebrate their little girl, Macy's 2nd birthday this past Saturday. Athélie had lots of fun with all the kids. Now that the weather has warmed up, she's been able to wear some skirts, I LOVE seeing her little legs.
UPDATE: Here's a video of the little ones playing ring a round the rosies

Birthday girl Macy - she had an owl themed birthday party, which was super cute.

Check out her cake!
Athélie really enjoyed eating it too!

Athélie liked taking off all the bows.
More pics...