Apr 27, 2011

Happy 20 Month Birthday Athélie

Happy 20 Month Birthday!
Athélie had her monthly birthday this past weekend. She is so much fun these days. Talking so much - at home. When she is around others she tends to be more shy and quiet - she is an observer until she gets more comfortable and then she'll start talking again. Some of her new words are, smile and I love you!!!!! So sweet! She's also started getting into coloring. I have to be careful, if I leave a pen out she'll start drawing with it. She also started to sing! She sings a doo doo song. Marc and I both laugh when she sings it - it is so cute. Her little lips purse together and look adorable.
This is the "doo doo" song she sings.
She LOVES Chantal Goya - the French lady who sings this song. Instead of watching a movie or tv show - we watch her singing and dancing. There's a bunny song. And a pup song. And a wolf song. And a "A B C" song. She LOVES them and will tell us which one she she wants to watch. We stream these videos from the 1970's onto our tv. When we are not watching tv she'll want us to sing these songs to her - Marc can do it. Me - no so much. I try and fail - I can get the melody down but only know 1 or 2 words in the whole song. It's quite funny.
This is what she is up to this month.

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