May 23, 2011

Athélie is 21 months now!

It's getting hard to remember how many months she is - she's so much fun though! Instead of speaking spanglish - like so many people are familiar with - we speak frenglish (french/english) around our house. It is amazing to see her understand and respond back to Marc in french. And then turn around and talk in english. She's started putting words together too. She's learned the use of more, yes and no to let us know what she wants. She is also saying her name! which is really cute. She will call herself both Athélie and Taylee - depending. She is learning her numbers and colors now - she thinks everything is yellow. Or maybe that is her favorite color, I'm not sure. She also loves to see how things work. The other day we were downtown and there was a bubble machine blowing bubbles. She was more interested in how it worked than the actual bubbles. She is starting to pretend more too these days with her baby dolls. She puts them to sleep their baby bed, covers them up with a "gee" (blanket) and says "ssshhhhh" - super cute!

This is a funny video of Taylee sucked Marc's face - ha!

Athélie saying her name - so cute!

May 16, 2011

Happy 3 month birthday Stasiya!

Stasiya's 3 months old today! Yay! Cant' believe how fast the time has flown by. She's grown so much. She's gotten so strong, holding her head up and rolling over. She has a cute little personality and seems to be quite a people person. She also likes to be on her own schedule, especially at night when we put her down. Sometimes she lets us know she is not ready to go to sleep - and then she'll stay up for hours just cooing and looking around before she's ready to go down for the night. She loves to be held and to hold onto fingers and to look at her sister. She smiles a lot. She is a joy to have.

"Painting" or more like "making a mess"

I think she had fun.

Yellow Toes

May-time = yellow toes time. For both of us. Athélie got her toes painted for the first time. She sat very still and liked it a lot.

May 7, 2011

Stasiya rolls over now

Here's another video of her talking too (Marc's cooking and talking to Taylee and Taylee's talking about her hair and other stuff - lots going on.)


Ducky Derby Day

Marc and I took the girls downtown for the Ducky Derby today. It was a lot of fun with tons of people. This is an annual event that raises money for a local charity. You buy a duck beforehand and then it "lines up" behind a barrier and when the raise starts the barrier is removed and the ducks race down the water. The person whose ducky arrives first through a shoot wins free groceries for a year. Thousands of duckys are released and some of them get caught in the falls. With an emcee who gives play by play action similar to the Kentucky Derby - it is a lot of fun. Here's a few pics:

Taylee snacked on an apple during the race.

And here's Stasiya - she just hung out in the stroller the whole time.

I don't know why the picture uploaded upside down.

Afterwards we had a picnic in the grass. 

Then she ate her second apple of the day:

Stasiya enjoyed being outside.

This was the only picture of me and both girls together on this Mother's Day weekend.
Not very good - I know. My hair is getting long - I'm thinking about chopping it off again.

After our picnic, Marc and Taylee raced.

May 6, 2011

Athélie's been helping us in the kitchen lately

 She helped Marc make homemade noodles this past weekend.

And here she is eating the noodles

May 1, 2011

Stasiya cooing

Cute video of Stasiya cooing - she smiles and coos so much. I love it! Taylee was trying to get the camera while I was videoing so it's a little bumpy. :-)