May 23, 2011

Athélie is 21 months now!

It's getting hard to remember how many months she is - she's so much fun though! Instead of speaking spanglish - like so many people are familiar with - we speak frenglish (french/english) around our house. It is amazing to see her understand and respond back to Marc in french. And then turn around and talk in english. She's started putting words together too. She's learned the use of more, yes and no to let us know what she wants. She is also saying her name! which is really cute. She will call herself both Athélie and Taylee - depending. She is learning her numbers and colors now - she thinks everything is yellow. Or maybe that is her favorite color, I'm not sure. She also loves to see how things work. The other day we were downtown and there was a bubble machine blowing bubbles. She was more interested in how it worked than the actual bubbles. She is starting to pretend more too these days with her baby dolls. She puts them to sleep their baby bed, covers them up with a "gee" (blanket) and says "ssshhhhh" - super cute!

This is a funny video of Taylee sucked Marc's face - ha!

Athélie saying her name - so cute!

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