May 7, 2011

Ducky Derby Day

Marc and I took the girls downtown for the Ducky Derby today. It was a lot of fun with tons of people. This is an annual event that raises money for a local charity. You buy a duck beforehand and then it "lines up" behind a barrier and when the raise starts the barrier is removed and the ducks race down the water. The person whose ducky arrives first through a shoot wins free groceries for a year. Thousands of duckys are released and some of them get caught in the falls. With an emcee who gives play by play action similar to the Kentucky Derby - it is a lot of fun. Here's a few pics:

Taylee snacked on an apple during the race.

And here's Stasiya - she just hung out in the stroller the whole time.

I don't know why the picture uploaded upside down.

Afterwards we had a picnic in the grass. 

Then she ate her second apple of the day:

Stasiya enjoyed being outside.

This was the only picture of me and both girls together on this Mother's Day weekend.
Not very good - I know. My hair is getting long - I'm thinking about chopping it off again.

After our picnic, Marc and Taylee raced.

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