Jun 23, 2011

She's growing so fast

She's doing all kinds of new things lately. Here's a look:

Playing in her Jenny Jump-up

Sitting up with support

Playing in her exersaucer

Stasiya blowing raspberries and talking

Jun 21, 2011

Hair Adventures

So I've talked about Taylee's hair before on this blog - she has the most incredible, curly, thick hair I've ever seen (in person). I see lots of people on tv and think - Taylee's hair is going to look like that one day. But I've never compared notes with someone with hair like hers. I came across this "recipe card" on how to do hair like this - I thought it was a great tutorial. (I'm sure you could find similar products too, but these are specifically Bumble & Bumble click on the link to see instructions better.)

While her hair looks really cute pulled back in a pony tail, pig tails, braids or headband - her signature look will always be big wild curls, which I love.

Jun 20, 2011


(It still need to be cleaned up underneath - lots of extra wood leftover)

Here's a couple other shots of the deck and pergola to give you an idea of the space:

Happy Father's Day

hanging out with his girls

eskimo kisses

Jun 17, 2011

Happy 4 Month Birthday Stas!

She's getting so big! She passed from the newborn stage to infant stage this past month. She found her fingers and toes and likes to suck on her fingers whenever. She has really strong legs too. When she's on her belly she pushes on her feet and arches her back and turns herself around on the floor. She also likes to stand up too (with me holding her of course). I have to make her sit up on her bottom, she'd rather stand. Sometimes its hard getting her in her carseat because she would rather stretch out and stand. She's a pro at tummy time - I'm expecting she'll be sitting up on her own soon. She also has the biggest smile ever - its the cutest thing. She's such a happy baby and such a joy. We love having her around.

Also at her 4 month well check - the doc said she is in the 70% for height - 24 inches - I think she'll end up being taller than Taylee.

Jun 14, 2011

Athélie got her hair done

(she was concentrating very hard on her Mr. Potato Head when I was taking these pictures.)

Remember when she got her hair done in Charleston? Well, I had not tried to actually do her hair like that since then. But since her hair is getting quite long (all the way to her shoulders when it is wet and straight) and is sticking up more than normal I'm having to try new things. The only thing that has worked so far is about a 1/2 cup of conditioner in it to weigh it down and hold her curls together. Did I mention it takes A LOT of time just to comb it out - it is so thick! My thoughts these days are something like this..."I have two girls with curly hair. Two girls with curly hair to get ready in the morning. What about my hair?"

I did her hair like this yesterday and today it is already quite fuzzy. It didn't last as long as I'd hope and it took quite a while to do, so I probably won't be doing it too often. It looked really cute though, she calls her braids "doodles."

sleepy baby

Potty Time

Taylee got a potty. She was so excited out it - she wanted to test it out right away.

(notice her funny face is back)

I let her run around without a diaper on while cooking dinner yesterday and she ended up peeing on the floor. After telling her "no no - you have to go pee pee in the potty), I cleaned up the mess and kept cooking. After a while she came and told me "uh oh poops" (which is what she calls the following: diapers, pee, and poo), so I went to see what the uh oh was since I saw a drip down her leg and...she peed in the potty! She missed quite a bit since the floor was wet around the potty, but she actually got some in. I was so excited and made a big deal out of it - gave lots of applause and yays and gave her a piece of candy. She peed in the potty the first day we got it!


Pretty in Blue

Stasiya is starting to sit up (with support) these days. It sure does make picture taking easier.


she looks funny here - but she is standing up all by herself with her back against the couch

Jun 10, 2011

Self portrait with the girls

I tried to take some pictures of me and the girls together - these are okay - I'll have to try again to do some better ones.

don't know why this one uploaded in this direction

Tried to get one of all 3 of us - but couldn't quite do it.

miss again -

the girls

the sister pictures are getting better

Mama's Shoes

Taylee likes to walk around the house with my shoes on. They look HUGE on her.

Jun 9, 2011

Trip to Florida

Last week we went to Florida to visit Marc's family. We flew with both girls - they sat on our laps - and did surprisingly well. It couldn't have been an easier trip to make. We flew out of our little airport here in G'ville and took the hour plane ride to Punta Gorda which was a short drive from his parents house. Marc's family enjoyed meeting Stasiya and playing with Athélie. Here's the pics from our trip. (I wish I would have taken more!)

Grandma snuggling up with the girls

Stasiya playing

Playing with Auntie Lulu (notice the bottom right-hand picture - they're making the same face)

 Taylee getting her toes done by Auntie Foufane

Dancing with Grandma in the kitchen

Hanging out with Grandpa

Beach Day