Jun 14, 2011

Athélie got her hair done

(she was concentrating very hard on her Mr. Potato Head when I was taking these pictures.)

Remember when she got her hair done in Charleston? Well, I had not tried to actually do her hair like that since then. But since her hair is getting quite long (all the way to her shoulders when it is wet and straight) and is sticking up more than normal I'm having to try new things. The only thing that has worked so far is about a 1/2 cup of conditioner in it to weigh it down and hold her curls together. Did I mention it takes A LOT of time just to comb it out - it is so thick! My thoughts these days are something like this..."I have two girls with curly hair. Two girls with curly hair to get ready in the morning. What about my hair?"

I did her hair like this yesterday and today it is already quite fuzzy. It didn't last as long as I'd hope and it took quite a while to do, so I probably won't be doing it too often. It looked really cute though, she calls her braids "doodles."

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks great! I like her twists =) Whole Foods has some great hair products for our girls' hair.
    I follow these blogs and they help me a ton as far as taking care and styling natural hair and they are persnickity about what products go into their daughters hair...I like that =)
    www.happygirlhair.com, www.beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com,
    I love Athelie's hair...it is beautful! I know exactly how you feel with finding time for your own hair...