Jun 17, 2011

Happy 4 Month Birthday Stas!

She's getting so big! She passed from the newborn stage to infant stage this past month. She found her fingers and toes and likes to suck on her fingers whenever. She has really strong legs too. When she's on her belly she pushes on her feet and arches her back and turns herself around on the floor. She also likes to stand up too (with me holding her of course). I have to make her sit up on her bottom, she'd rather stand. Sometimes its hard getting her in her carseat because she would rather stretch out and stand. She's a pro at tummy time - I'm expecting she'll be sitting up on her own soon. She also has the biggest smile ever - its the cutest thing. She's such a happy baby and such a joy. We love having her around.

Also at her 4 month well check - the doc said she is in the 70% for height - 24 inches - I think she'll end up being taller than Taylee.

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