Jun 9, 2011

Trip to Florida

Last week we went to Florida to visit Marc's family. We flew with both girls - they sat on our laps - and did surprisingly well. It couldn't have been an easier trip to make. We flew out of our little airport here in G'ville and took the hour plane ride to Punta Gorda which was a short drive from his parents house. Marc's family enjoyed meeting Stasiya and playing with Athélie. Here's the pics from our trip. (I wish I would have taken more!)

Grandma snuggling up with the girls

Stasiya playing

Playing with Auntie Lulu (notice the bottom right-hand picture - they're making the same face)

 Taylee getting her toes done by Auntie Foufane

Dancing with Grandma in the kitchen

Hanging out with Grandpa

Beach Day

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