Jul 4, 2011

Girls Room Update

I painted this picture and finally hung it up in the girls room. I wanted something graphic, black and white, to match the curtains. The design was inspired by a pair of Taylee's pajamas. I like that some of the animals are upside down - it kind of makes you look at it twice. What do you think?

I realized I never took pictures of their finished room. I was waiting until it was done, but since that isn't happening anytime soon, I don't want to keep you all waiting. I'm only missing toy storage, a shelf, artwork, and maybe a rug...but it is still really cute as it is. So, here's their room. I love it. Very girlyish. (The lighting in these pictures isn't the greatest...)

I used everything from Athelie's original room, remember it here?
Remember my inspiration here?
And a sneak peak when Athelie moved in here?


  1. What a great room and I love your painting...it looks so perfect!

  2. Looks great Alysia:) The way to use those art skills!