Aug 17, 2011

Happy 6 Month Birthday Stasiya!

6 Months old!

Pool Baby

Getting ready to cheer for the Gators this fall.

Stasiya started sitting up all by herself this month!

She sleeps on her belly most of the time. And she keeps poking her legs between the bars (I had a bumper. But Athelie kept getting in Stasiya's crib and it broke and would not stay up properly so I took it out.)

Much better

She got her front two bottom teeth in this month!

We've also started giving her some solid foods. We've been giving her rice for a few weeks now, and just the past few days gave her carrotts for the first time. She didn't like the taste of either the first time but the second time around she was happy to eat both.

She's such a smiley happy baby.

Photo Shoot

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