Sep 30, 2011

A Week in the Life of Athelie's Hair

Last week I started taking a few pictures of Athelie's hair everyday for the past 7 days. I put together "A Week in the Life" series of her hair for her scrapbook. I thought you'd enjoy seeing the pages.

(It's kind of weird starting on Friday, but that's the day I started so that's the day you get first.)

Painting Girl

I know I've already posted lots of finger painting posts of Athelie painting, but these were too cute not to share. She was concentrating so hard. Her facial expressions are great.

Sep 27, 2011

Guest Room Redo

So I decided the girls needed a play room. Since we only use our guest room a handful of times a year, I decided to transform the guest room into their play room. (I moved the guest bed to my art room and rearranged some shelves and my desk to make it work.)

Of course I had to paint some yellow in there for Taylee. It's bright and fun with the stripes and bird/butterfly silouette. I still need to get some toy storage. I've been eyeing some cubbies from Ikea for a while. Plus, ART on the walls. But I'm thinking I won't add too much to it because I will want it to be a place where they can show off their school work and crafts that they bring home from school one day. However, on my list to paint, I want to do something kind of like this for their playroom:

Fun right?

Sep 25, 2011

Brown eyed girl

Stasiya has pretty light brown eyes. I love them.

Sep 19, 2011

Happy 7 Month Birthday Stasiya

Stasiya had a big month this past month with lots of firsts. She's eating solids now. And crawling! She has a funny little crawl, she doesn't get on her knees, she just uses her upper body to pull herself along. But she definitely gets around now. She likes to come in the kitchen when I'm cooking to see what's going on. She and Taylee are able to interact and play together more now that she's mobile, which is super fun to watch.

Here's some pics from this past month that I have not posted yet:
my new favorite sisters photo

My new favorite picture of me and the girls.

Sisters playing together

She's a smiley happy baby.

Sep 14, 2011

Hiking Table Rock

This past weekend we went hiking with some friends. Marc and I hiked with the girls on our back (Marc had almost 30 pounds on his back!) It was a tough hike, but we had lots of fun.

Before the hike - energetic and ready to go!

Marc struggling - "My heart's beating 200 bpm!

Taylee's friend Piper

First hints of fall

More fall colors

The mountains

Yellow, Girls, Tennis Balls & Bubbles

*This is my favorite pic