Oct 28, 2011

Moving Baby

Stasiya is MOVING these days. She's got a new crawl. Remember she used to army crawl across the floor? Well now, she scoots one leg underneath her while the other one is out. Kind of funny. Here's a video of her new crawl:

Here's another video of Stasiya pulling up and crawling around:

Oct 27, 2011

Zoo day in Columbia

Yesterday the girls and I drove to Columbia to meet our good friends Misti, Ella & baby Caroline (Misti and I were pregnant together with our first babies - Athélie and Ella have been friends from utero! And we got to meet baby Caroline for the first time, she's 2 months old and super sweet and easy going!) The girls had lots of fun at the zoo and Misti and I had fun catching up. They got to feed some giraffes (a first for Athélie). Ride a train. Ride a pony (also a first). Ride on a carousel (another first). We also got to see some different animals at the Riverbanks Zoo which was also a plus. 

Here's the pics:

She was so serious the whole time while on the pony - I couldn't get even the smallest of smiles - even though I know she enjoyed herself and had fun.

The girls holding hands.

Tired girls.

Oct 24, 2011

Fun filled weekend

We had lots of fun this past weekend. Game night Friday night. Walk for Diabetes Saturday morning. Perfect fall day. Babysitter Saturday night. Night out on the town with friends. Sushi. Cake. Sunday morning worship. Relaxing. Fun.

Here's the pics:

We wore our Gator gear.

Athélie ended up running about 1/2 a mile (or more) of the 5k walk.
And then she sat down on the curb to rest.

Thanks to friends for helping me celebrate my 30th birthday! We went out to eat some sushi.

Oct 18, 2011

Happy 8 Month Birthday Stasiya!

Yep, she's standing up.

This past month Stasiya went from standing up (she prefers to stand rather than sit) to walking while holding onto something. She still just does her little army crawl, but I kind of think she doesn't like crawling since she doesn't spend a lot of time doing it (plus she's not very good at it.) Her top two front teeth just broke the gum line yesterday, so pretty soon she'll have some new teeth to show off. She's eating more food lately, even though she is still a picky eater. Her favorites are: banana, yogurt, oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, and Cheerios - she figured out how to get them in her mouth. It makes meal time so much easier now that she can feed herself something and keep herself entertained while I put food together for her - she gets grumpy when she's hungry. She loves her big sister. They've been playing and interacting together more and more which is super fun for me to see. This past month her right eardrum ruptured twice within two weeks. So it looks like she'll be getting tubes in her ear as soon as possible. That's a bummer she's been sick. But overall, she is a super fun baby.

Here's a few more pics from this past month:

Swinging with her big sis

Cute outfit

"Look at me, I'm standing up."

Oct 11, 2011

Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patch, Farm Animals and More

This past weekend we went to Nivens Farms with our small group from church. It was so much fun! It was a perfect fall day, just a little cool and breezy. We had a picnic outside, walked around, saw the farm animals, played, went for a hay ride, Picked apples and saw a HUGE pumpkin patch. (They also had a corn maze which we didn't go in, since I was exhausted after doing all those other things.)

Here's the pics:

Oct 8, 2011

Queen of Rasberries

Stasiya blows rasberries - a lot.

Paintings and more

Here's a story for you. About a month ago a lady whom I met at a jewelry party last December contacted me. She remembered seeing a painting I did for a friend and wanted something similar for her house. We set up an appointment for me to do some interior design consulting as well. While at her house she was able to show me some of the artwork she had already purchased from another Greenville artist. After seeing my portfolio she decided she would have me do 3 paintings. I was super pumped since this was my first official "commission".

She asked me to do a flower painting similar to ones I had already done before, a tree painting similar to one I had done before, and an abstract. It took me about a month to finish them. The first two were relatively easy since I had done them before. The abstract was the hardest since it was totally new. And different. And abstracts are tricky anyways. It definitely took me the longest and gave me the hardest time. (There's a really good post about the art of abstracts and one of the great abstract artists Cy Twombly here - I love her description of abstract art!) Anyways, I was really glad to have them done with and be able to drop them off to her this past week. Here they are:

So...the funny thing is the day I decided to drop off these paintings I was talking to my mom and told her, "I cleaned up my paints and put everything away and I don't think I'll paint for a while unless somebody asks me to do another painting. I think I'll work on something else, maybe jewelry or something." As I was getting ready to take them over, a friend I haven't talked to in a while texted me for the first time in months. She asked me how I was doing and "are you doing paintings now?" Why, yes I am. She is looking to send a wedding gift to her brother-in-law in London. So it looks like I'll be doing another painting for her. I sent her my portfolio and this last painting here was her favorite, so I'll be doing something similar for her. Sweet.

About a month ago at church one morning, one of the pastors felt like Father wanted all the artists to come up front for prayer. I wish I remember the exact calling, but it was something to do with artists being the interpreters of God's beauty around us...Anyways, I went up and a friend prayed over me. And she kept hearing the word "effortless". I've been reminding myself of that word each time I start a new painting. However, the coolest part is how effortless getting these commissionings has been. Kind of funny, don't you think? I love that.

Oct 3, 2011

Standing Smiling Stasiya

Stasiya's new favorite thing is...STANDING. She doesn't like to sit down. She loves holding on to our toy basket downstairs. Here is she bouncing up and down practicing her squats and talking too.

Stasiya giggling, playing, smiling.