Oct 18, 2011

Happy 8 Month Birthday Stasiya!

Yep, she's standing up.

This past month Stasiya went from standing up (she prefers to stand rather than sit) to walking while holding onto something. She still just does her little army crawl, but I kind of think she doesn't like crawling since she doesn't spend a lot of time doing it (plus she's not very good at it.) Her top two front teeth just broke the gum line yesterday, so pretty soon she'll have some new teeth to show off. She's eating more food lately, even though she is still a picky eater. Her favorites are: banana, yogurt, oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, and Cheerios - she figured out how to get them in her mouth. It makes meal time so much easier now that she can feed herself something and keep herself entertained while I put food together for her - she gets grumpy when she's hungry. She loves her big sister. They've been playing and interacting together more and more which is super fun for me to see. This past month her right eardrum ruptured twice within two weeks. So it looks like she'll be getting tubes in her ear as soon as possible. That's a bummer she's been sick. But overall, she is a super fun baby.

Here's a few more pics from this past month:

Swinging with her big sis

Cute outfit

"Look at me, I'm standing up."

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