Oct 27, 2011

Zoo day in Columbia

Yesterday the girls and I drove to Columbia to meet our good friends Misti, Ella & baby Caroline (Misti and I were pregnant together with our first babies - Athélie and Ella have been friends from utero! And we got to meet baby Caroline for the first time, she's 2 months old and super sweet and easy going!) The girls had lots of fun at the zoo and Misti and I had fun catching up. They got to feed some giraffes (a first for Athélie). Ride a train. Ride a pony (also a first). Ride on a carousel (another first). We also got to see some different animals at the Riverbanks Zoo which was also a plus. 

Here's the pics:

She was so serious the whole time while on the pony - I couldn't get even the smallest of smiles - even though I know she enjoyed herself and had fun.

The girls holding hands.

Tired girls.

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