Nov 29, 2011

Mama Belle Time

From Albuquerque we drove 9 hours to a small town called Duncan, Oklahoma to stay with my Grandma known by all as Mama Belle. It was a fairly uneventful drive with the exception of Athelie throwing up for the first time 2.5 hours into the drive. We were on a busy highway when it happened and pulled over as quickly as possible. She was pretty shaky afterwards so I held her while Marc cleaned up, however the car still stunk the rest of the way to OK. I finally had to change cars half way there because it was so bad. Josh drove the second half of the way with toilet paper stuck up and out his nose to try to block the smell. Poor little thing. She is still talking about "spit up at Mimi's house." I think she was traumatized. Plus, she didn't get her appetite back until after we got home.

We got to stay at Mama Belle's house while we were there, so we got lots of good visit time with her. The girls both snuggled with her. We really enjoyed our time with her. She is such a blessing to so many. She truly is the matriarch of our family. We love you Mama Belle.

milk time

All worn out


4 Generations

Hanging out with Papa and Nana

Proud Papa

Snuggle Time

Big Smiles

Great Family pic

We love hanging out in my Dad's outdoor kitchen. He's a great cook and always makes us something spectacular when we're in town.

Taylee enjoying her first rib.

Athélie's first visit to the dentist

While in ABQ my mom cleaned our teeth (she's a dental hygienist), and Taylee got to go first. She was a little nervous but it helped that her Mimi was the one "tickling" her teeth. She barely opened her mouth, but at least we got that first visit out of the way.

Here's the pics:
Notice her Lovies - pig and cat - she held on tight to them.

Thanks Mimi for cleaning our teeth!

Zoo Day

While we were in Albuquerque we went to the zoo. It's a really great zoo with tons of animals, we didn't even get to see all of them. Athelie had so much fun, she didn't last the whole day though. She fell asleep by the end. Her favorite animal at the zoo was the polar bear.

Here's the pics:
Mimi time

Aunt Tiff

Daddy's Girls

Ducks (notice how many "bracelets" Athelie has on her arm?"

Feeding the ducks with Mimi

and Uncle Joshua

Handing out with Daddy

Athelie chased the peacocks

While chasing them, she would walk like them - super funny.

Marc and I hardly ever get pics of just the two of us now that we have kiddos.

Polar Bear - Taylee leaning on the rock wall. She was tired by this time.

Anastasiya - finally freedom. No more slings or strollers. Time to crawl around.

Nov 26, 2011

Snuggling with Uncle Joshua

This is my younger brother Joshua. Stasiya got to snuggle with him.

Aunt Tiffany also got to snuggle with naked sleeping baby Stas.

Playing with Aunt Tiff on the trampoline

Big Brown Eyes

Feeding the Birds with Pappy

Athélie helped Pappy feed the birds while we were at his house. She enjoyed watching them eat from the feeders, especially the little yellow finches.


Decorating a Gingerbread House

We are back from our trip out west. We spent the last 10 days visiting family in Albuquerque, New Mexico and then drove 9 hours to visit family in Oklahoma. Whew! Now I can share pictures from our trip. Get ready for a lot of new posts!

While staying at my mom's house in ABQ, Athélie got to decorate her first gingerbread house. She really enjoyed eating the candy and cookies while decorating the house. She got help from her Aunt Tiffany and Mimi (my mom) while I took photos of the event.

Nov 15, 2011

Stasiya's 9 Months Old!

I can't believe how fast time has gone. Her birthday is already around the corner. She had a big month this past month. She now has 6 teeth - two on bottom, 4 on top). She had her first surgery - she got tubes in her ears after her ear drum burst 3 times (so far, her ears have been much better since the surgery.) She started walking!!! Well, she started letting go of furniture, standing up all by herself and taking one or two steps forward. So...not quite taking off yet, but she can definitely walk whenever she decides to go for it.

 9 Months Old

Nov 12, 2011

Aunt Lulu comes to visit

Marc's sister Lunise came to visit us for a few days. She's a senior at the University of Florida this year and she decided to come up last minute for a few days to visit us. We enjoyed having her and the girls enjoyed getting extra snuggles from their Auntie.

Yep, Stasiya was sucking her nose.

Trying to get Marc and Lunise to take a picture together was an adventure, they can't be serious long enough to stand still for a photo.


She climbed in...Part II

Remember when Athelie climbed into the dishwasher? Stasiya climbed in the other day (all by herself too!)