Nov 29, 2011

Zoo Day

While we were in Albuquerque we went to the zoo. It's a really great zoo with tons of animals, we didn't even get to see all of them. Athelie had so much fun, she didn't last the whole day though. She fell asleep by the end. Her favorite animal at the zoo was the polar bear.

Here's the pics:
Mimi time

Aunt Tiff

Daddy's Girls

Ducks (notice how many "bracelets" Athelie has on her arm?"

Feeding the ducks with Mimi

and Uncle Joshua

Handing out with Daddy

Athelie chased the peacocks

While chasing them, she would walk like them - super funny.

Marc and I hardly ever get pics of just the two of us now that we have kiddos.

Polar Bear - Taylee leaning on the rock wall. She was tired by this time.

Anastasiya - finally freedom. No more slings or strollers. Time to crawl around.

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