Dec 11, 2011

Christmas Time

Last weekend we had a fun-filled Christmas weekend, first decorating our house for Christmas and then going to the Christmas Parade downtown. The girls had lots of fun. Athélie has had fun counting down to Jesus' birthday by opening a Trader Joe's chocolate box every day. "We're going to have a birthday party for Jesus" - that's what we've been talking about around our house. Athélie has asked to have cupcakes at this it looks like I'll be making some of those.

Athelie worked really hard to get the ornaments on the tree.

And Anastasiya took them off as they went on. - Ha!

Here's a few pics of the house:
I finallly found stockings similar to one's I had bought Marc and I the first year we were married. I had been looking for cable knit sweater stockings for the past 3 years and hadn't been able to find any!! (very frustrating) And then I found some at Target this year - and score they had different colors! So now we each have a different colored stocking and Athélie assigned us our stockings. I asked whose was whose and she said (from left to right) "Athélie's, Mama's, Stasiya's, Daddy's".

Remember when Marc took Athélie to the parade last year? Here's a few pics from the parade, it was at night and my camera doesn't take very good pictures in the dark so these aren't the greatest.

Stasiya wanted to go right out into the parade - it was hard holding her back.

A lady gave Athelie a balloon - it made her day.

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