Jan 30, 2012


Stasiya had fun playing with a box of tisues the other day.





"You caught me."

"Whoops." "Eeeeeee."

Jesus loves Athélie

I wanted to video her singing "Jesus loves me."

Singing Dancing Clapping

Marc and the girls really like to sing this song:

Here's the original:

Jan 17, 2012

Happy 11th Month Birthday Anastasiya!

I can't believe she is 11 months old already! She's got two more teeth on the bottom now. And working on her top molars now too. She has been busy busy playing. Going up and down the stairs. Loves to climb on everything. Into baskets. Onto tables, chairs, stools, etc. She's had a bit of a cold this past week. Bummer except for the fact that I was able to get rid of her lolly because of it.

The lighting in these pictures is horrible,
 but Stasiya wouldn't keep her headband on so I got a lot of action shots.


Jan 9, 2012

New Projects

Here's a few things that I've been up to lately. Framed my four leaf clover that I found probably close to 20 years ago (am I that old???) at a soccer practice. I've had it pressed in a book all these years. It's nice to have it out on display now.

Remember these signs I made for the hall?
Well, I made one for the entry. (I still need to get it framed though.)
I really like it.

New Drawing. Inspired by the Southwest. Lots of detail = lots of time.
I used inks and markers on this one.

A couple of quick GOLD paintings:
this one has really cool texture that I love

I have always loved Robert Indian's LOVE sculpture and have been wanting to do a painting inspired by it for a while. I finally did it this weekend using Athelie's outfit as my color scheme.
Here it is in the girls playroom.

I've also been fixin' up the girls bathroom.
I really liked these prints:
Le Lapin by Sleepy Fawn

Le Chat by Mini & Maximum

Well, I painted my own. Sorry - not original.
They are hanging in the girls bathroom now. See -
(Sorry - I don't know why the picture keeps uploading the wrong way - so frustrating!)

I also made a bracelet, calendar and recipe cards too. I don't have pictures of those though.
That's all for now.

Jan 3, 2012

Stasiya - she's so funny.

She makes us laugh.

Love Athelie giggling in the background.

Reading The Very Hungry Catepillar

Athelie got this book for Christmas and it is one of her new favorites. Here she is reading it:

Jan 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

In Haitian tradition the girls both wore yellow and we ate Soup Joumou yesterday. Or Squash Soup. Or Yellow Soup. Stasiya really liked it - she ate 3 bowls. It was good.

The picture above was the best one I got of the two girls together. Stasiya wouldn't stand still. Here are a few more pics from our little photo session. Taylee was eating one of her sugar cookies at the time.

Today Athélie wanted to wear her favorite outfit. Yellow cat panties. Yellow shirt. Yellow skirt. Yellow pants (that are size 12 months and WAY to short for her). Yellow socks (that Stasiya got at the hospital when she got tubes in her ears). Yellow necklace. Plus two barretts (thanks Aunt Lunise for the barretts you gave Stas - Taylee has claimed them). Plus two headbands. Plus Butterfly earings. Equals happy girl.