Jan 9, 2012

New Projects

Here's a few things that I've been up to lately. Framed my four leaf clover that I found probably close to 20 years ago (am I that old???) at a soccer practice. I've had it pressed in a book all these years. It's nice to have it out on display now.

Remember these signs I made for the hall?
Well, I made one for the entry. (I still need to get it framed though.)
I really like it.

New Drawing. Inspired by the Southwest. Lots of detail = lots of time.
I used inks and markers on this one.

A couple of quick GOLD paintings:
this one has really cool texture that I love

I have always loved Robert Indian's LOVE sculpture and have been wanting to do a painting inspired by it for a while. I finally did it this weekend using Athelie's outfit as my color scheme.
Here it is in the girls playroom.

I've also been fixin' up the girls bathroom.
I really liked these prints:
Le Lapin by Sleepy Fawn

Le Chat by Mini & Maximum

Well, I painted my own. Sorry - not original.
They are hanging in the girls bathroom now. See -
(Sorry - I don't know why the picture keeps uploading the wrong way - so frustrating!)

I also made a bracelet, calendar and recipe cards too. I don't have pictures of those though.
That's all for now.

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