Feb 7, 2012

Athélie Part II

Typical park attire - a tutu.

All ready to go. Boots on. Purse(s) in hand. Baby Doll in arm. Plus a diaper. And a YELLOW shirt for the doll. And scarf on.

In case you couldn't tell, Taylee is a GIRLY GIRL. She likes dresses. And skirts. And dress up clothes. And necklaces. Bracelets. Rings (if they fit her but they don't yet). Hairbands. Bows. Earrings too. Purses. Shoes. Pretty much all accessories. She likes picking out her clothes these days. Most of the time she picks YELLOW to wear or some other bright color. She also likes to get dressed on her own these days. She is becoming more independent. She is also pretending more. Playing with baby dolls. Changing their diapers when they "feel wet" or "have poops." She is also a bigger talker. She is learning her pronouns: she and he. It is all quite confusing - the English language. But she is getting it. She knows all her letters and numbers 1-10. We are working on 11-20 right now. She also knows her colors. She'll be 3 in August and we are thinking about what to do with her next fall...she'll be old enough to try out ballet or maybe gymnastics or go to preschool. Lots of possibilities. She is such a sweet girl. She is getting SO big. She loves her Mama Daddy and Sister. Especially sister. She's a great big sister.

Oh yeah. And she also named her hair. Why not? It is entity all to itself. It has it's own personality. It is big. And crazy. And pretty much sticks out all over the place. And after sleeps it is matted all down in the back until we fluff it back up. And we all love it. (Including Stasiya who tries to pull her hair pretty much every day.) Meet Roo. Her hair's name with all its curls and doodles everywhere. It's Roo. Her Roo.

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