Feb 19, 2012

One more Happy Birthday Stas post...

With all the excitement surrounding her birthday festivities I forgot to tell you that Stas is a big girl now. Literally. She is 30" tall. (Taylee was 29" at her 18 month check up.) That means she is quickly catching up to her big sister. They'll probably be the same size by her next birthday. She's in the 75th and 40th percentiles for height and weight. Long and Lean. Maybe she will be tall like my brother. (He's the tallest out of every one in either of our families.) Just speculating here. It's fun to think of all the changes this next year will bring her. I'm going to keep taking her Monthly Birthday photo's. Except I've decided to change locations and her outfit. She's a little girl now. She needs to have some clothes on! That will be fun.

Moving on...Stasiya is talking a lot more. Making sounds. Not words yet. She is feeding herself more and more, which makes my life SO much easier although MESSIER. I have to sweep the floor EVERY DAY now. That is a new phenomenon. She is CLIMBING onto anything she get get herself on. Chairs. Tables. Beds. Stairs. Ladders. She loves the slide at the playground. Going down backwards on her tummy is her favorite. She could do it all day long. She thinks she is a big girl and likes to do everything her sister does. Including standing on stools to help Daddy cook. And to get her teeth brushed. She doesn't like to be "bugged" though. I have to tell Athelie on a daily basis, "Leave your sister alone." Etc. I'm sure this will only increase as time goes by.

I'm excited to finish her yearly scrapbook and to get it printed. I'll show you pics of the finished product soon. Stay tuned...

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