Mar 19, 2012

Stasiya's 13 months old!

I can't believe she's a year plus now. This has been a fun month with her learning lots of new things. She's saying "ba" for bird and bee. She waves bye-bye like no one's business everytime she hears someone say bye or Marc or I leave. She really likes playing with blocks and putting things inside other things. She is getting more fiesty with her sister even trying to hit back when sister isn't nice to her. She has "happy" feet. She dances and bounces up and down and moves her little feet which is the cutest little thing. I have to get a video and show you. She's a happy girl when she's not sick which has seemed to be often this winter. Or teething. She's been working on her molars. At least she has lots of new teeth to chew with.

Here's new new birthday photo outfit and location. I was tired of the busy background so I decided to change things up and move the monthly pictures to a new spot.

She wasn't feeling well when I took her picture this morning, but I didn't want to postpone it any longer. Poor Baby.

I attempted to take her birthday pictures with my new camera, which was quite hard since it is quite technical to learn how to use it.

But here's a few of the best pics from our little photoshoot. If you like one of them, just right click and save to your computer. You should be able to print at your favorite place. If you have problems or want me to e-mail the pic instead, just let me know.

Remember this photo from Liz at Yellow Umbrella?

I tried to recreate it. But it's not near as cool.

This one is my favorite.

Marc doesn't like all the naked baby shots. So maybe I need to keep trying.

Here's one more just for fun.
She has a cute little profile.

Girls were cute and matching little bumble bees.

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