Apr 12, 2012

Fun filled Easter Weekend

We had a busy Easter weekend. First going to a Good Friday service Friday night and then over to a friends house for dessert and wine afterwards. (Athélie and I made yummy sugar cookies with sprinkles to take to the party.) The girls stayed up way past their bedtime. It was an all time late night record 10:00 pm!! It took them days to recover. Saturday morning Marc took the girls to a community wide Easter egg hunt at a park while I volunteered at a community garden. (The Generous Garden grows veggies and fruits to give away to the poor.) I helpoed plant around 700 tomato plants! It was so much fun - can't wait to go back and see how my little plants are doing.) Sunday morning we got dressed up and went to church to celebrate the real meaning of the weekend. The resurrection of Jesus. Over the weekend we were reminded of Anastasiya's name - her meaning - Resurrection. New life. New beginnings. Looking at her, saying her name - we should be reminded of that every day.

Here's the pics from this weekend.

As soon as Stasiya figured out there was candy in the eggs, she was all about picking them up. And Taylee wouldn't pick up empty eggs - only ones that had something in them. Good thing I filled (most) of them.

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