Apr 20, 2012

Stasiya's 14 Months Old!

Happy 14th Month Birthday Stas!

Athelie wanted to get in on the action. Here she is giving her sister kisses.

She also wanted to have her picture taken too.

The girls are super sweet these days. Playing together more. Athelie is a great big sister. She'll say "this is my sister" - telling anyone whose close enough to hear. At meal times if Taylee has water, she'll tell me "Stasiya wants some too" - to be sure that Stas isn't left out or forgotten. She also has wanted them to match all week - wearing all their matching outfits, which of course is super cute. Stasiya is really funny about her lolly/paci too. She'll open her mouth for whoever has it to put it in her mouth. So funny! Like a little bird. She's also just started to say "up" and "bye" and waves bye-bye the whole time. She also enjoys coloring. We tried finger painting for the first time this week, but she was more interested in eating the paints. Taylee on the other hand spent 20 minutes on one picture. And then continued to paint 4 other pictures. She said she is an artist like Mama. That made my heart happy. I envisioned us painting one day alongside each other. Taylee is also pretending more and more. We put a bird feeder out in the front yard and we've been talking about birds eating the food. This morning after Tay took her vitamins, she said the birds needed vitamin's too. Really? Ok. So funny.

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  1. They are so adorable! I want to come visit again soon! When are your girls getting up these days? Maybe I could come next week on Tuesday after I drop them off at school?