Apr 26, 2012

The way they play

Lately, Athélie has really enjoyed coloring and painting. She spends a lot of time on her "art", coloring in the lines, getting the paint just right. It is especially nice that she is content to color on her own. But it is always extra special when I can color with her.

When she's not busy coloring she is pretending. She pretends her baby doll is her little sister and carries her around in her babydoll carseat. Or she pretends with her stuffed animals. She's starting to say some pretty funny things too.

Stasiya on the other hand plays completely different. I took some pictures of her playing in the playroom this afternoon so you could see her in action.

She likes to read books.

She's pointing and saying "I'd like something up there."

Then she asked for music. By squatting up and down. (That's her version of dancing.) And so I turned on some music and she started dancing and twirling around in circles.

Isn't she so much fun? I love when I get one on one time with her.

Taylee woke up from her nap and came into play with us.

I asked her to smile. And this is what I got.

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  1. You are a blessed mama!
    And I am a blessed mimi!