May 18, 2012

Happy 15 Month Birthday Stasiya!

15 Months! She's getting so big.

She's busy busy these days. She is such a joy. So much fun. Giggles. And wants to be a part of everything. She gets upset if she's left out at all. She's starting to make more sounds/words. Maybe she's saying "up" and "mom" not quite sure yet, definitely she says "bye". She LOVES her sister. And Taylee loves her. They get along so well together and play together all the time, it's hard to imagine them ever being seperated. She's still putting everything in her mouth, especially dirt and sand and mud and soil. The funny thing is she is a picky eater. She is all about texture. She won't eat some things, things that are very good, like avocado, boiled eggs, watermelon, mango...the list goes on. But she will eat SAND. Go figure. Hopefully she'll outgrow that before we go to the beach this summer.

Here's a few more shots from our photoshoot. Taylee always likes to get in on the action too. And Stasiya likes to climb on everything. Lately, she's been discovering light switches.

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  1. They are SO cute! let's get together soon, please!