May 20, 2012

May in review

I know I haven't posted in a while, so I want to catch you up on the month of May so far.

We went to Athélie's friend, Piper's 3rd birthday party. The girls had lots of fun playing games at the park.
Here they are with Piper. Taylee likes for her and Stas to wear matching outfits.

Piper and Taylee sitting next to each other in a duck duck goose circle.

Eating Dora cake

At the Ducky Derby Race - watching 1000's of rubber duckies race down the Reedy River.

Over Mother's Day weekend, we visited our good friends Shea and Misti in Columbia, South Carolina. Ella and Taylee have been friends since utero. They were so excited to see each other and gave each other hugs first thing when they saw each other. They had lots of playing together over the weekend.

Marc participated in his first National Physique competition. He competed in the Physique category (not bodybuilding which is more popular and better known). After training and dieting for 12 weeks he placed 4th!!! among 12 other competitors. We're pretty sure he was the oldest one in his category too which is pretty impressive. Here he is - looking good.


 We celebrated Mother's Day by going to brunch at Cafe Strudel in downtown Colbumia and then walking around the University of South Carolina campus. It was beautiful with so many historic buildings and huge massive old trees.

This is the only picture I got of me and the girls on Mother's Day. It was hard to get them in the same place at the same time. They were busy busy exploring and running around chasing squirrels.

I'm so thankful for my girls. They are so sweet. And beautiful. And fun.

P.S. It took 3 diferent photoshoots, plus approximately 300 pictures to get these few "good" shots of the girls. Seriously.

We've been doing  a lot of grilling out on our deck since the weather's warmed up. The girls enjoy eating outside on the picnic table.

And here's a video of the girls playing in the front yard. (It's been hard to get video's lately of them because they always stop what they are doing and run to me to "see" the video.)

This past weekend we enjoyed good food at home and at the Greek Festival. We always enjoy going and listening to the music, watching the dancing, and eating the foods. Lamb gyros and baklava sundaes are the best.

They didn't want to sit in their stroller so we help hands while walking thru the crowd.

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